OctoMega Protein

OctoMega Protein

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Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC 80%), Whole Egg Powder, Bovine Colostrum, Hydrolyzed Collagen, L. Acidophilus Powder, Organic Flaxseed Powder, Organic Chia Seed Powder, and Certified Organic Honey Powder.

Suggested Use

OctoMega Whole Food Protein Powder offers a powerful combination of 8 great high protein foods that can be taken between meals or in place of a meal at any time of the day or night. Consume on a daily basis for optimum results.


  • Burning unwanted fat and enhancing muscle tissue

  • Eliminating body aches and joint stiffness

  • Providing power, strength and recuperation

  • Curbing appetite and junk food cravings

  • Reducing water retention, depression, and anxiety

Suggested Recipe

Pour 6-8 oz. juice, milk, or purified water in blender. Add 1 rounded scoop (included in container) of OctoMega Protein Powder, 1 Tbl of Complete Foods OctoMega Oils, and 1 heaping Tbl of raw unheated Honey or other natural sweetener of coice. Mix for approx. 30 sec. Add 1/2 cup frozen fruit and 1/2 cup ice. Mix until smooth. Note: Always put top on blender before mixing!

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OctoMega Protein

OctoMega Protein offers a unique combination of 8 synergistically balanced and easily absorbed whole foods rich in Protein, Amino Acids, B-vitamins, and other essential nutrients.

Protein is the largest and most important of all macronutrients! A complex compound that is broken down to form amino acids – the building blocks necessary for the growth and repair of every living cell in our bodies. Premature aging, lack of energy, emotional breakdown, sexual dysfunction, and loss of resistance to disease are but a few of the conditions that relate to low protein consumption. To bridge the “Insufficient Protein” gap, Complete Foods Nutrition presents OctoMega Protein, combining the highest quality and most diverse variety of organic protein foods available in powder form. Unlike many of the soy, rice, pea, or other plant based protein powders currently on the market, OctoMega Protein mix contains all of the essential amino acids in their complete form found only in food.

At Complete Foods Nutrition, we believe that organic whole foods (not synthetic, artificial, or isolated “non-food” elements) are the best and most effective source of nourishment for the human body. If you are a health conscious person with a similar mindset, then we recommend adding a daily blend of OctoMega Protein to your diet for an outstanding source of “Protein” foods.