“I have a long time personal relationship with the Complete Foods Nutrition Company, and they’ve always put out superior products and information. I think their new ‘Octo Line’ are their best products yet!”

- Keith Erickson, two-time NCAA Basketball Champion at UCLA, former Olympian, and 12 year NBA player

“I love the Octo line of Whole Food Concentrates. These supplements help confirm to everyone that within our own amazing bodies is the key to greater health and wellness. Complete Foods Nutrition products are part of our family’s daily nourishment and are all must haves!”

- Dr. Brian Alman, best-selling author and CEO of Stress & Resilience Corporate Wellness Company

“Complete Foods Nutrition was suggested for my low energy and stamina. So, currently my Good Morning routine consists of OctoMega Multi-Packs, along with desiccated liver powder. My Good Night routine consists of OctoMega oils.  These supplements have knocked it out of the park! By the 3rd day my energy was up and by the 15th day I feel like a new person. Thank you Complete Foods Nutrition for your great products.”

- Yvonne Bayles, Resident Property Manager at Kaiser Permanente

“I’ve been using Complete Foods nutritional supplements for many years, and they continue to be a major part of my daily health regimen. For power and strength, these products are off the chart!”

- Wayne Jacobs, retired Navy Seal and National Collegiate strength trainer and coach

“I was looking for healthy, natural, non-synthetic supplements for not only myself but my children as well. I was fortunate to meet Dr. Keith, the originator of the Complete Foods products, and what caught my attention was the fact that he did not call these vitamins, but ‘Whole Food Concentrates’ instead. It gave me peace of mind knowing I was giving my children and myself healthy natural all-food supplements. Personally, I won’t go a day without them!”

- Cindy M. Tucson, AZ

“I started taking all 5 of the Complete Foods Concentrate tablets 3 times a day many years ago and have never stopped. At 74 years old I have plenty of energy and no health issues to speak of. I read an article in 2014 about hiking the Pacific Coast Trail (goes from San Diego, CA up to Canada about 2650 miles). Took me six and a half months at approx 19 miles per day (took Sundays off), I finished it and enjoyed the experience. I give Complete Foods a huge credit for me being able to do the hike and for being as healthy as I am.”

- Carl F. Taylorsville, UT

“Hi my name is Matt and I’m 61 years old and I have been taking Complete Foods products for decades! In my opinion they are the highest quality and best nutritional supplements I have ever seen. They are super easy to take and I really notice a big difference using these in my daily program. I work out about 5-6 days/week and am able to push really hard through my workouts even at my age. My whole family takes the Complete Foods Nutrition products. My dad began taking them over 20 years ago and he is now 96 years old and does a full day’s work each day. He also just bought a new car and enjoys driving it even on the freeway!  His mother (my grandmother) whose health was starting to fail at 89 years old, started taking Complete Foods Nutrition and noticed huge differences in her energy, she began to walk on a regular basis and lived to be 102 years old.”

- Matt M. Yuma, AZ

“We have been taking CFN Food Concentrates for 30 years. We have each been ill less than a handful of times, mostly when we have forgotten to take them. We both truly believe that these supplements are essential. They are always prompt in getting us the products when we place the order. We highly recommend this company.”

- Brian and Cheryl D. Chandler, TX

“I’ve been on the Complete Foods Nutrition health program for almost 20 years, and my health and enthusiasm have never been better. The quality and reliability of these products continue to yield amazing results for me and my family.”

- Patty J. Sandy, UT

“Thinking of the long history I’ve had with these supplements, they are without much exaggeration, part of me. I am 49 now and remember taking these when I was 21. The OctoMega oils have helped tremendously during the years with my wife and through to our more recent years staying full of marital energy. All the CFN products have a great synergistic combination of Organic food sources - whether powdered or cold pressed. Love you guys and keep up the amazing work!”

- Chuck B. Los Angeles, CA

“This wonderful pure supplement line has helped me get rid of viruses when nothing else worked. It has given me energy and strength while raising five children as a single mother. It has helped me through finals in dental assistant school and through six years of caring for my aged parents. These products are a best friend!”

- Shari W. Pleasant Grove, UT

“For me, results are the bottom line. And I know from experience that the Complete Foods Octo Line delivers. I’ve been using these products for over a decade and I love what they do for my health, memory, energy, mobility, and quality of life.  My go-to products are the OctoMega oils and OctoMega Protein Powder. Thank you!!”

- Ammon B. Centerville, UT

“I’ve been using Complete Foods concentrates for years and have always loved these products. At 60 years old I’m still at 160lb body weight. God Bless you guys.”

- Eddie L. Alpine, CA

“The CFN OctoMega Protein Powder is my favorite! Super healthy, creamy, and not too sweet. I use it with apple juice, blueberries, green powder, and flax seeds. Will never use any other protein, this is the best.”

- Marcie S. Bellevue, WA

“If you’re interested in improving or maintaining your health, then look no further. These products changed my life! Thank you Complete Foods and God Bless you!”

- Eileen G. Oregon, W