Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What makes your products different from others?

Unlike the vast majority of nutritional supplements on the market today, Complete Foods Nutrition products contain no synthetic or man-made vitamins or minerals of any kind. The combination of portability, affordability, multiple food varieties, and chemical free content makes our line of organic whole food concentrates the cleanest, healthiest, and most beneficial form of supplementation available.

Q. Can CFN products be used as meal replacements?

All of our products can be taken with meals or in between meals because they are 100% natural food. Our whole food Protein Powder and Green Powder recipes can be used as a full meal replacement, and our whole food tablets can be used as a mini-meal replacement if taken with at least 8 oz. water, juice, or other healthy beverage.

Q. Vitamins upset my stomach, will this happen with your whole food concentrates?

Complete Foods Nutrition products will not upset your stomach or have any “chemical aftertaste” because they are comprised completely of easily digestible foods.

Q. What is the shelf life of your products?

The shelf life of our Whole Food Concentrates range between 2-5 years depending on the product item. Products that have the two-year span are clearly marked on the side of the label “Best By” date.

Q. How should I store your products?

Complete Foods Nutrition whole food concentrates are super portable and good to go anywhere you take them. The bottles can be stored in kitchen cabinets, etc. (cool dry place). The OctoMega Men’s and Women’s Oil products are to be refrigerated after opening. All other products can be stored outside the fridge without spoilage.

Q. Are your products Gluten Free?

All Complete Foods Nutrition products are 100% gluten free (as marked on label). They are also GMO-free and contain no PCB’s, heavy metal toxins, pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics.

Q. Why are the mg (milligram) and mcg (microgram) counts on some of your products lower than other vitamins on the market?

Complete Foods Nutrition products have always been 100% free from synthetic, isolated, and chemically based vitamins and minerals. Supplements with high mg and mcg counts use synthetically fortified non-food substances that artificially raise nutrient values. Over the years the general public has been conditioned to believe that higher mg and mcg counts make for better supplements, but we believe that just the opposite is true.

Man-made synthetic vitamins and minerals with elevated mg and mcg counts are completely unnatural to the human body, extremely difficult to absorb, and potentially toxic if ingested regularly. CFN Whole Food Concentrates rely specifically on garden fresh and naturally produced organic whole foods to supply their nutritional value and likewise contain a perfect balance of corresponding mg and mcg amounts. This is the reason that year after year our products maintain such an excellent reputation for being pure, safe, and effective (click here to learn more).