What are Whole Food Concentrates?

Whole Food Concentrates are simply high nutrient, superior quality organic whole foods that have been naturally condensed or “concentrated” into powder, tablet, or liquid form. Similar to the way a grape dries into a raisin, we condense over 50 different enzyme-rich foods into a powerful combination of easily absorbed, synergistically balanced Whole Food Concentrates

The “secret” to our secret formula is to avoid adding anything synthetic or man-made to our list of ingredients, thus protecting the nutrient value and life giving properties found in the foods that we use. Our products are third party tested to insure compliance with all national organic food standards for purity and disintegration. They are 100% gluten free, non-GMO, and do not contain PCB’s, heavy metal toxins, pesticides, herbicides, hormones, or antibiotics. We use absolutely no isolated, artificial, chemically based, or stimulant substances… NO SYNTHETICS. PERIOD. We believe this process and attention to quality control creates the cleanest, healthiest, most beneficial whole food supplements available. 


Why are Whole Food Concentrates necessary?


In the health and wellness community, we’ve known for decades about the harmful effects of environmental contamination, topsoil depletion, over-processed foods, and a host of other conditions related to our food supply that steal our energy and health. It’s only been over the last few years that public awareness levels have grown exponentially regarding the epidemic of nutritional deficiency related diseases and chronic fatigue plaguing our nation.

Renowned noble prize contender Pfeiffer puts it bluntly, “The root cause of every human disease emanates from malnutrition!” 

If the root of human disease and premature aging is truly caused by malnutrition and nutritional deficiencies, then finding ways to combat these problems is vitally important. But the aforementioned problems make it almost impossible for most of us to meet even minimal requirements of our daily nutritional needs. This is where Whole Food Concentrates come in. 


Whole Food Concentrates bridge the gap that nutritional deficiencies create because they are made specifically from nutrient rich organic whole foods that have been naturally condensed or “concentrated” to a smaller size while still retaining huge amounts of nutrient density and potency. They are conveniently portable, easily digestible, and effectively storable for months at a time. They provide many times greater nutritional value than their actual size and weight, so a small amount goes a long way in making sure your body and mind stay sufficiently nourished throughout the day. And, unlike many other so-called nutritional supplements on the market today, they do not contain synthetic, isolated, or man-made nutritionally ineffective and potentially toxic substances.

Most importantly Whole Food Concentrates are 100% bio-available food and can provide a simple solution in acquiring the mega-nutrients needed to stave off nutritional deficiencies. 

If you have a desire to slow down the aging process, help protect yourself against disease, and give your body every opportunity to gain vibrant energy and health, then we recommend utilizing the Complete Foods ‘Octo’ line of Whole Food Concentrates


What’s wrong with ordinary vitamins?


Unfortunately not all “Nutritional Supplements” are created equal. The fact is that the vast majority (over 95%) of vitamins and minerals currently sold in health food stores and on wellness websites are made with synthetic, isolated, chemically based ingredients that lack many essential co-factors and accompanying properties found only in natural food. Likewise, when you take a synthetic supplement (from vitamin A to Zinc) your body will rob or steal these missing co-factor nutrients from itself in an effort to complete the incomplete balances caused by the non-food, imposter supplement. Instead of fortifying the body with natural nutrients, synthetic supplements end up depleting your body of its own valuable nutritional reserves. Synthetic and chemically made vitamins are easily exposed and identified by the high mg (milligram) and mcg (microgram) counts on the supplement facts label. Even if the label on a product claims “Natural” or “Whole Food”, the elevated mg and mcg counts on the product are a dead giveaway that synthetic vitamins have been added.

The Merck index manual 9th edition (Encyclopedia of Chemicals and Drugs) exposes the true content of isolated vitamins as artificial chemicals – not food. 

  • Vitamin A = Propylene Oxide/Petroleum/Ether/Methanol 

  • Vitamin B = Culture Filtrates of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis/Streptomyces Griseus/Fermentation  

  • Vitamin C = Ascorbin Acid/D-Glucose converted to D-Sorbitol  

  • Vitamin D = Ergosterol/Ultra-Violet Solvent  

  • Vitamin E = Hydroquinone and Phytol in Anhydr formic acid 

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