OctoMega Oils - Men's Formula

OctoMega Oils - Men's Formula

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Organic Sesame Seed, Organic Sunflower Seed, Organic Flax Seed, Organic Pumpkin Seed, Organic Olive, Organic Almond, Organic Macadamia Nut, and Organic Coconut Oil.

Suggested Use

OctoMega Oils (Men’s formula) can be used on salads, in cooking, mixed with juice, protein shakes, or taken straight from the bottle. Consume 1-3 tablespoons daily for optimum results.


  • Providing maximum prostate support

  • Maintaining strength, vitality, and masculinity   

  • Promoting healthy heart, brain, and eye function

  • Reducing cholesterol, joint stiffness, and fatigue

  • Enhancing athletic performance and marital vigor

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OctoMega Oils (Men’s formula) 

OctoMega Oils (Men’s Formula) offers a powerful synergistic mixture of organic, unrefined raw food oil solubles rich in EFA’s, Antioxidants, Lecithin, and other essential nutrients.

The ever-growing stresses of modern society have combined with a pollutant-laden environment to attack the body’s largest organ – the skin! In addition, our digestion, brain, heart, joints, hair, eyes, nervous system, and prostate health are constantly threatened as well. The most effective method of protecting the delicate micro-membranes, blood vessels, and vital organs is to feed them. This calls for a regular daily diet of oil soluble vitamins and Omega-3 rich fatty acids (EFA’s). After extensive research Complete Foods presents OctoMega Oils (Men’s formula), a proprietary blend of prostate protecting raw food oils made specifically for the male system.

At Complete Foods Nutrition, we believe that organic whole foods (not synthetic, artificial, or isolated “non-food” elements) are the best and most effective source of nourishment for the human body. If you are a health conscious person with a similar mindset, then we recommend adding a daily blend of OctoMega Oils (Men’s formula) to your diet for an outstanding source of oil soluble raw foods.