Octo B-Complex

Octo B-Complex

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Premium Grass Fed Beef Liver, Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon, Organic Sunflower Seed, Organic Pumpkin Seed, Organic Spinach, Organic Kale, and Organic Turmeric.

Suggested Use

Take 4 tablets 2x per day. Tablets can be taken with meals or between meals for optimum results.


  • Building iron rich-blood for energy and stamina

  • Eliminating sweet cravings and appetite problems

  • Fortifying and rebuilding nervous system health

  • Reducing the effects of stress (man's modern enemy)

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Octo B-Complex

Octo B-Complex offers a unique combination of 8 synergistically balanced and easily absorbed whole foods rich in B-vitamins, Amino Acids, Iron, and other essential nutrients.  

It's common knowledge that stress has become the modern enemy of man and has created a society of people who are being robbed of the important nutritional factors so necessary for maintaining even minimum health. The “High stress express” that most of us ride on each day destroys our nutritional reserves and steals our vitality, enthusiasm, energy, and zest for living life to the fullest. It’s estimated that as many as 50 million people suffer from stress related health disorders in the U.S. today. To meet this challenge, Complete Foods Nutrition presents Octo B-Complex, a powerful mixture of high octane super-foods that help to feed and rebuild depleted, overstressed nervous systems. The pure nutrient value of these foods can provide the raw materials necessary to fill up the body’s fuel tank, and repair the enumerable life cells adversely effected by our fast paced everyday living. 

At Complete foods Nutrition, we believe that organic whole foods (not synthetic, artificial, or isolated “non-food” elements) are the best and most effective source of nourishment for the human body. If you are a health conscious person with a similar mindset, then we recommend adding Octo B-Complex to your daily diet for an outstanding source of stress fighting, blood building, “Power” foods.